Braille Display

Refreshable braille cells- The Braille cell changes according to the alphabet.

  • Audio output- The display can also be used as an audio book to read files from SD card or any input from the USB camera.

  • Read any physical book or newspaper using the display and USB camera

Raspberry Pi was used as the main microcontroller. It was used to capture the image from a USB camera and then store the characters of an image to string. The string is sent to Arduino serially

Arduino was used to receive string input from Raspberry Pi and then sends it to the mechanical refreshable Braille display. Also it send the string to the text to speech module

Solenoids are used for the mechanical actuation of the Braille cells. 6 solenoids constitute one Braille cell. The solenoids are rated for 5volts and can be controlled using the Arduino

The text to speech module receives a string input from the Arduino and converts it speech

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