Smart Mirror: Automatic Defog and Display

This project developed a Smart Mirror which automatically defogs and wipes moisture from its surface as well as displaying date, time, and a news headline. The project utilized two sensors, two microcontrollers, and three actuators. A moisture sensor controlled a wiper attached to a servo motor-- removing moisture from the surface-- and a solid-state relay controlled a heating pad to defog the mirror for full reflection. An ultrasound sensor toggled the display of a tablet when an object is within 10 cm of the sensor. The prototype was successful in defogging the mirror as well as toggling the tablet display.

It begins the defogging function via moisture sensors, utilizing a wiper controlled by a servo motor and a heating pad controlled by a solid state relay. The tablet display also activates when the ultrasound sensor is triggered. Moreover, the Smart Defogging Mirror is semi-autonomous. It solves the problem statement and provides a convenience and information to the user.

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