Haiming Gang

Hello, my name is Haiming Gang and I'm working as Engineer at Honda Research Institute (HRI) USA for autonomous driving and 3D scene understanding related works since 2017. Before joining HRI, I received my master degree from New York University. My main research areas include multi-sensors synchronization, calibration and fusion, large-scale 2D/3D data annotation and scene understanding, 2D/3D object detection and tracking, SLAM technique, computer vision, applications to ADAS and autonomous driving and robot.


This is a domestic mobile robotic system combined with a manipulator, object recognition and SLAM technique with mobile devices to assist human in an indoor environment based on multi ROS packages and OpenCV

This is Image-Processing-Based Object Recognition and Manipulation with a 5-DOF Smart Robotic Arm through a Smartphone Interface Using Human Intent Sensing, and the image processing contains Haar cascade and affine transformation.

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